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Quantum Leap Strategy AG is actively participating in Davos week in different roles: from business development for particular companies to organising conferences, hosting events and private parties. When the week is so intense, it is highly important to have the right guidance in place. QL Strategy assists enterprises and C-level executives during the Davos week, helping to achieve their personal and corporate goals for the coming year.

QL Strategy also hosts the Emerging Technologies Investment Meeting annually in Davos. The conference is recommended by leading industry experts as ‘The TOP 5 events during WEF week 2020 in Davos’.

The Emerging Technologies Investment Meeting is a platform for professional investors and traders who are interested in impact investments and emerging technologies. Entrepreneurs and Investors come to announce a new launch, establish long-lasting lucrative relationships and build up global brand awareness for investment funds and their portfolio companies.

The Conference at Davos is a once a year opportunity to meet Impact investors, PE & VC Funds, Corporate VC, Hedge funds, Professional Traders, Family Offices, HNWIs, government representatives and journalists in one place.

January in Davos is a hot season, over a hundred events take place during the Conferences week 19-27th of January. In order not to get lost and make the most of this week, we would like to arrange your schedule and navigate through a countless number of conferences, workshops and parties.

Please, let us know what is your main objective coming to Davos and we arrange the most suitable agenda including invitations to the most exclusive events of our partners.

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The Emerging Technologies Investment Meeting 2020 in Davos gathered leading industry players and offered three days of complete immersion into the world of deep tech and institutional finance, with the participation of leading global investors representing more than $400 billion in AUM.

The annual Emerging Technologies Investment Meeting in Davos once again looked at impact investments in emerging tech through a fascinating series of panel discussions and keynote speeches.

The EmTech Investment Meeting brings together business leaders, investors, PE & VC Funds, Corporate VC, hedge funds, professional traders, family offices, government representatives, and journalists.

$400+ billion
in AUM
20+ EmTech
300+ selected

Emerging Tech
and Finance Conference

The future is already here, the development of the emerging technologies has never been so rapid and progressive. To succeed in this fast evolving world, people, companies and governments should foresee upcoming tech trends and integrate new innovations into business processes and daily life.

The EmTech and Finance conference will bring together the most prominent and progressive projects, initiatives and minds to discuss the further innovation development and share valuable experts insights.

Being located in Switzerland, the centre of the financial world and simultaneously the innovation hub, allows Quantum Leap Strategy to leverage a unique combination of the capital access and governmental support of the new technologies.

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