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The best strategies for tech companies growth built upon an innovative academic approach to intercultural business collaboration and smart sales.

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Settle, grow
and expand

Settle, grow
and expand


Bring most needed emerging technologies( EmTech) to the daily life of businesses and people with understanding of its value and benefits.


It's very difficult to understand a new culture and, of course, it's even more difficult to understand a new technology. We bring science of imagology to bridge this gap and establish a better understanding of the most innovative ideas.


Being in the heart of Europe, we would like to use Swiss support of innovation and entrepreneurship for the world's good. But opening and developing businesses in Switzerland can be just the first step. Bringing EmTech further to other countries, we would build positioning upon advanced social science and local partnerships. We believe that education and collaboration lead to tech adoption. That is why we host annual EmTech conferences in Davos and founded the Investment Club.

Business in Switzerland

in Switzerland

Make Switzerland a new home for your business. If you have an idea, we can help you with strategic and administrative implementation: Company Setup, Legal and Accounting support, Strategy of growth in Swiss market, Marketing strategy and Positioning, Partnerships and Investments.

Business development


First understand the culture, then bring your product to people. We use an academic approach to business collaboration which is built upon cross-cultural and social science. In a combination with our experience in the EmTech presentations and sales, it gives us a unique set of skills. We build positioning in a way that be it business or customer segments, your idea will be understood and your product will be loved.

EmTech IM in Davos

in Davos

Sharpest investment ideas on the top of Swiss mountains. Having an extensive background in investment banking and business development, our team created an annual business gathering the EmTech Investment Meeting (2019, 2020) focused on bringing together the most prominent figures of fintech, AI, government officials and HNI to share insights, envision the future and find a key partnership for an upcoming year.

2022. The International EmTech Investment Association Forum will take place in Davos from 16 to 22 of January 2022. The community-driven event will be as usual co-hosted by Quantum Leap Strategy AG.

Investment Club


QL Strategy is an authorized Swiss financial intermediary as per Swiss Law and conducts all necessary steps to protect investors, verify the source of funds and fight against Money laundering. More information about the investment Club will be presented in Davos at the International EmTech Investment Meeting Forum, which takes place from 16 to 22 of January 2022.

Please let us know if you would like to be within the club members and we will contact you.

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