Quantum Leap Strategy AG is registered as a Self Regulated Organisation in accordance with Swiss Law and conducts all necessary steps to protect investors, verifying the source of funds and supporting Anti-Money Laundering.

The Emerging Technologies Investment Club is a swiss-based platform bringing together the most promising startups in the EmTech and a profound investor community. We foster the growth of innovative companies and help to adopt emerging technologies. The mass education, showcasing of the implementation opportunities and business processes optimisation are just some of the components of essential digital tech adoption.

We connect investors with bright early-stage startups. As business development professionals, we can see how companies are growing, analyse potential and conduct a proper correct / thorough due diligence prior to any introductions. Being a member of the EmTech Investment Club allows us? to get access to our resources and prove the quality of intentions.

QL Strategy AG hosts the Emerging Technologies Investment Meeting annually in Davos. The conference is supported and recommended by leading industry experts as the TOP 5 events during WEF week in Davos.

Pooling of capital can also be useful to access better opportunities. We offer early-stage venture investment opportunities/ unique startup know-how/an in-depth view of the Swiss startup market.

Why Switzerland?

For startups

  • Professional analysis with useful recommendations
  • Access the profound investor and tech opinion leaders network, pitch opportunities
  • Mentoring and guidance from leading industry experts with valuable insights

Why Switzerland?
Liberal governance supporting innovation and entrepreneurship and access to the capital Switzerland is known for its wealth and is often referred as tax-paradise. Unsurprisingly, there are many powerful Funds, Private Investors and Family Offices, investing in different asset classes like private equity, venture capital or real estate. If classical investments are relatively studied and understandable, the world of investments into emerging technologies is still a blue water for many Investment Advisors. We would love to help investors to understand the technology and invest into the right opportunities as well as help significant researches and technologies have all means for growth and development. Swiss federal and local government are amongst the most open to new tech and business opportunities, simultaneously securing the financial sector and protecting investors. An ideal combination for both Investors and Startups.

For investors

  • Carefully selected startups
  • Deep due diligences
  • Structure and negotiation of the fair investment terms
  • High quality presentation with maximum necessary information

As professional business developers, we analyse the companies from an actual growth potential and structure the information with founders before presenting investment opportunities to the members of the EmTech Investor Club.

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