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Opening a corporate bank account in Switzerland

Advantages of opening a bank account in Switzerland

+The main benefits of Swiss bank accounts are the low level of the financial risk and the high level of privacy.

+Swiss law prevents the bank from disclosing any information regarding an account (even its existence) without the depositor's permission, except in cases where severe criminal activity is suspected.

+The fact that Switzerland has stayed politically stable and historically neutral makes it an ideal place for private banks, family offices, funds and other financial structures.

+The Swiss Banking System is the most secure in the world. In case of the implausible event of a collapse of the banking system the holders’ funds are backed in full by the Swiss Bankers Association depositors agreement.

How to open a corporate bank account in Switzerland

There is a certain list of documents to be filed to the Swiss bank in order to open a corporate bank account in Switzerland:

+ Business incorporation information and contact person.

+ Information about the company.

+ Information about the type of account, services and intentions of using it.

+ Information about the potential cash withdrawals.

Important to know

It might be also a case that the bank would request a business plan or some other information regarding the potential growth and development plans in order to determine the financial soundness of the company.

Each bank has its own regulation, documentation requirements, and application procedure, but we guarantee to help you choose the bank which meets your business requirements and make the procedure as fast and smooth as possible.

We would love to help you to choose the right bank for your business operations and help with the application process. Our goal is to support your success and have your corporate bank account as soon as possible. But we know that opening a bank account in Switzerland for non-swiss beneficiaries could be quite difficult. Thus, we guarantee a refund of 70% in case of application rejection by 3 chosen banks.

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