Quantum Leap Strategy AG is a Swiss Financial and Management Advisory firm, registered as a Self Regulated Organisation according to the Swiss Law and conducts all necessary steps to protect investors, verifying the source of funds and supporting Anti-Money Laundering. QL Strategy operates globally with its headquarters based in Switzerland.

AML control

Control and risk assessment

AML compliance officer

Clients profiles management

Money laundering risk assessment is a highly important process for any business and especially in the financial sector. The range of our services in scope of AML risk assessments includes:

  • Analysing customer, product, country risk models;
  • Assessing country exposure and developing country risk model;
  • Assessing delivery channels and risks;
  • Reviewing AML frameworks, control measures and risk mitigation tools;
  • Developing AML risk matrix;
  • Improving AML risk management frameworks;
  • Identifying the aspects of a businesses that are most likely to attract money launderers or those wishing to finance a terrorist act (also known as Key Risk Indicators).

AML Officer is obligatory for any financial intermediary or licenced financial company. We could provide you with an External AML Officer in order to protect your business and keep it up to the latest legal requirements.

The service can be monthly paid with a minimum assignment of 12 months.

Prior to the clients onboarding, It is important to define the risk scale for clients and make a final decision based on the identified risks.

The compliance procedures include the calculation of such criteria as reputational and financial risks as well as the control over the fulfilment of the imperative norms for the financial intermediary prescribed by the law, as well as.

Main risk categories are:

politically, financially, military involved persons (Politically Exposed Persons PEPs) and their relatives, transactions where it is difficult to define the source of the funds, criminals and fugitives from justice.

The compliance may be the obligation of the employed AML Officer or delegated to the external compliance service provider.

Quantum Leap Strategy AG can manage clients’ profiles and simplify the onboarding process.

The frequency of updating the client's profiles may vary. It depends on the risks of the operation and the supervisory rules regarding the audit of financial intermediary. Companies working with cryptocurrencies have to go through an audit procedure once in 6 months, while traditional asset management companies can do it once a year.

Quantum Leap Strategy AG can help you to apply for SRO, as well as prepare applications for other financial services licenses.

License for the financial services in Switzerland

There are two types of financial regulation in Switzerland. The Swiss financial market supervisory authority – FINMA – is a supervisory body that issues authorisations and controls provision of bank, fintech, insurance, financial intermediary services (FOREX, asset management, fiduciary services etc.). Part of such services, like for example, some financial intermediary services may require either direct (by FINMA) or indirect (by SRO) regulation.*

Requirements to the applicants for the financial services license

Obtaining the authorisation for financial services license requires the following information from the applicant:

  • The company's management profiles
  • AML compliance officer
  • Clients profile management
  • Risks calculation

Information regarding the volume of the capital shares, date of the first registration of the company, current or future clients may also be needed.

Documents preparation for the application

The regulatory body needs to know how the company will function. It is necessary to show the business model, planned business development and marketing activities, onboarding procedures and qualification of the management and employees in the field of the planned financial activities.

Quantum Leap Strategy AG will be glad to assist you with preparation of the following information:

1. About the CEO (it is required by the law to have minimum one director that is Swiss resident):

2. About the compliance with anti-money-laundering laws

The fees for the financial license application

The costs of obtaining the financial licence apart from the costs of the application preparation includes fees from the regulator side:

  • Application fee
  • Fee for the first year of company's functioning
  • Fee for speed up the application procedure
  • The total cost is usually 2000 - 8000 CHF and does not include the regular audits of the company's activities (SRO or auditor will charge for these audits based on the hourly rate).

Timeline for the application

The estimated time of the application consideration is about 4-12 weeks, depending on the risk level of the planned activities, number of employees, management etc.

Legal disclaimer. This information does not constitute legal or financial advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Quantum Leap Strategy AG can assist you in the following ways:

  • Preparing the application for the financial services license
  • Obtaining SRO or FinTech licenses
  • Compliance (AML, KYC, on-boarding, client profile management, an external AML Officer)

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