Necessary company protection for growth

Protect your customer to keep your business going. In a pandemic, the situation is changing rapidly. Taking care of people will help keep the company and customers safe.

SKENO Temperature Scanner recognizes the presence of a medical mask in less than 1 second. A biometric or ID card tracks employee attendance. We guarantee that a person with a temperature above normal will be noticed and the system will activate an automatic alarm.

Smart Sceno devices will enhance your image, simplify your access system and intelligently distinguish you from your competitors. Thus, by protecting people, you ensure the future of your company.


The impact of the pandemic on business

The number of new cases of COVID-19 infection has been on the rise since mid-June. The government has canceled the recommendation that people work from home. Business will have to adapt medical protection so that people work without fear for their lives.
The entrepreneur must reassure customers that his product is safe. The business will incur additional costs to meet the requirements under the Worker Infection Protection Benefit.

According to FOPH data

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How the Scanner from SKENO will help

In times of crisis, companies must be able to adapt to an uncertain future. The scanner will improve the quality of personnel protection equipment, detect an employee with COVID-19 in time. The introduction of SKENO information technology will allow businessmen to become flexible.

The cost of the Scanner is CHF 950.
It is cheaper than an infected office.

The entrepreneur is responsible for the employees and their health. The scanner will simplify the throughput system. It is enough to come closer to determine the temperature and attach the ID card. SKENO technology does not require additional protection or manual use. Scanner to increase the financial stability of the business. Your customers will be confident in their safety.

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Waterproof and dustproof housing
The scanner is not afraid of rain and dust, it can be installed outside in front of a building.
Determines if a mask is worn
If you have a medical mask, the scanner can unlock the turnstile. If there is no mask, the scanner will take a picture of the intruder and remind him to use protective equipment.
Detection of excess body temperature in a few seconds
The scanner will measure the visitor's temperature and show the result on the screen. The temperature detection distance is 0.5 meters. If the temperature is too high, the visitor will not be able to enter the building, and the administration will be notified of a potential threat.
«Night vision»
For work in the dark, the Scanner is equipped with a binocular camera with a night infrared and LED searchlight lamp
Capable of storing data of 30,000 persons
The scanner forms its own database of users who passed the scan. It can remember the time of arrival, the temperature of the visitor, the number of people in the room at the time of the visit. The data is protected.
Change of functionality and appearance
The Scanner can be modified using the open API: branding the interface, adding new functions, linking the Scanner's work with turnstiles, alarms or other systems that the company already uses.



Face masks

To be safe, it is imperative to wear masks in public places and transport. We know how difficult it is to organize the delivery of masks on time, so we will be happy to support you in taking care of your employees. You can choose face masks with protection levels from 40% to 90% in the required quantities.

Our range includes: Surgical 3 Layer Masks, FFP2 / FFP3, KN95, K94 and 3M.


Disinfection stand with foot pedal

Disinfectant rack using pedal mechanism for safe use. Makes the disinfection of the hands of customers and employees contact-free using a foot pedal. A disinfectant complements each rack as a gift and our contribution to the fight against the pandemic.


Test kits for testing COVID-19 or COVID-19 antibodies

To conduct a study on COVID-19, the user pierces his finger with a special needle. The resulting drop of blood is applied to a disposable test strip. The device takes a measurement and the user receives the result within 20-30 minutes. Testing can be done at home or in the office. Rapid tests will show whether a person is infected with COVID-19 and or has immunity.



A disinfector as a necessary care and protection against the virus should be in every office, shop or school. Disinfectants are sometimes hard to come by, so find one reliable supplier to take care of your safety in time.

Take care of the safety of your employees - keep the company healthy

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